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Like the great F.A. Hayek, I have dedicated this book to the forces that are leading us on the road to serfdom with a slight twist for the reality of America in the early 21st Century: To the community organizers of all parties. Hayek’s socialists (who he dedicated his classic work to in Road to Serfdom) of the mid 20th century have morphed into benign sounding names such as community organizers, but ultimately their goal for a collectivist utopia is essentially the same as their Marxist, Fascist friends hiding behind a religion, and socialist brothers.  For these elitists and Philosopher Kings, individuals are not smart enough to run their own government, so it is up to the wise community organizing leaders and a big centralized government to plan and “to organize” for the helpless ignorant masses, to guide them, and as one well known successful politician put it, help direct the poor misguided fools who sadly still manage to “cling to their guns and religion”. Ultimately, I am optimistic that America will survive this onslaught of Statism and Collectivism and will once again become a beacon of freedom for a world where too many individuals are in chains, to give them real hope that they too might one day live where individual freedom and opportunity are available to all, where laws and moral order are derived from God and not man or any group of men.

Note to Mark Levin. I am a great admirer of your talk show, your "take no prisoners" style and your excellent Conservative Manifesto – Liberty and Tyranny. However, I do have one bone to pick with you and it centers around your disdain for the term "Middle Class". I follow your point of view that Americans should not participate in "class" warfare of any kind, but until someone comes up with a better term to describe the great backbone of this country that is neither rich nor poor I will continue to use it. I will gladly change all my chapter headings if you or someone else can come up with a better descriptive term.

Note: Every week or so there will be a new question for comment on the author's premise that America is on the road to serfdom.  Arguments pro and con are encouraged. Chapters will be posted monthly starting in October until the entire book is available on line. For those who can not wait – a download of the first revision of the book is available free of charge by going to the Contact Us and Download Book Tab.

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  • I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  Like Abraham Lincolnwho made that statement, I am proud to count myself in the company of the author of this book.

    • I appreciate the kind words. It brings to mind the complaint that many Conservatives and critics of Obama make – that Obama is not proud of America – and in fact has spent a great deal of his time in foreign lands “apologizing” for America. Does this behavior make Obama un-American or is this behavior the actions of an enlightened and sophisticated leader?

  • Bart goldstein:

    Obama is a delusional malignant narcissist who might well be the anti-Christ. He is a danger to truth and the free world. May G-D deliver us from this madman.

    • I suspect that half of the country (more or less) agrees with you about the part that Obama is a “danger to truth and the free world”. I’m not sure everyone is quite ready for labeling him the “anti-Christ”. I think that title belongs to a puppet master like George Soros. I also agree that it may take divine intervention to save us.

  • I haven't trademarked the phrase "Illiberal locusts of the left" – but I should.  You heard it here first I can assure you. Most conservatives have tried to keep the debate civil, but I am tired of playing their game. For example, "racist" – it only applies to white males to the locusts of the left. Of course, all other minority groups – and certainly the supercilious left never show a sign of racism.  No the Marxist left simply wants to have a solid voting block by creating the lie that Conservatives are racist – when it is clear to anyone paying attention that the Tea party has a very strong contingency of females and minorities who’s common denominator is lower taxes and getting the Govt off of their backs. 


    So these Alinsky-ite drones and illiberal locusts of left continue to push for the failed policies – Johnson's war on poverty and Obama's miserable stimulus crony slush funds that have left Blacks and other minorities with staggering unemployment rates and economic misery. True conservatives are believers in the words of King – “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I have a dream that one day all children of all races and colors will be judged by the content of the character and not be used as pawns by illiberal locusts of the left.

  • I actually think the most descriptive phrase for the nasty folks who have taken over the Dem Party is "Illiberal locusts of the left". You see, the term "Liberal" in the classical sense is a more accurate moniker for Conservatives. From Bertrand Russell's A History of Western Philosophy, pg. 597 Touchstone edition: “Early Liberalism was a product of England and Holland and had certain well-marked characteristics. It stood for religious toleration; it was Protestant, but of a latitudinarian rather than of a fanatical kind; it regarded the wars of religion silly. It valued commerce and industry, and favoured the rising middle class rather than the monarchy and the aristocracy; it had immense respect for the rights of property, especially when accumulated by the labours of the individual possessor…Implicitly, the tendency of early liberalism was toward democracy tempered by the rights of property…There was a certain bias against government, because governments almost everywhere were in the hands of kings or aristocracies, who seldom either understood or respected the needs of the merchants…”

    Conservatives are for the most part religious; they believe in individual property rights, commerce and they certainly have a “bias against” a totalitarian government. Today’s progressives who have stolen the “liberal” label are not religious, they are certainly not Protestant, and in many cases they are proud Atheists. They also are big believers in the State – not the individual. They prefer govt solutions over solutions of individuals engaging in commerce. Although there is no direct attack on private property, many of the govt programs they advocate either limit or trump the rights of individual ownership of property. Yes, the leaders and drones of today’s Dem party are “Illiberal Locusts of the Left”.

  • The far left's ideology lead to inadequate security before the attack. The political decision was made to not attempt a rescue for EIGHT hours while the firefight was going on. And the Cover UP after by both the President and his shills in the media is mind boggling.  Four Americans died on American soil on the anniversary of 9-11. No one died in Watergate. And perhaps as important as any of this is the fact that the US Military is now aware that THIS Commander in Chief does NOT have their backs!


  • The reason the first debate was so shocking to many of the 70 million or so that saw it, was not the fact that Mitt was so much better – but that all the millions of dollars of attack ads were rendered null and void when reasonable folks were awakened to the Competence and Goodness of the man. Obama's campaign made a huge mistake by trying to demonize Romney. Sure the left base bought the lies – but those lies once exposed has really only helped to energize Conservatives and Moderates – but never underestimate the feckless Republican’s grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • The new Pope asked for a prayer. Here is mine. As a Jew I cried today when a humble Christ like man became Pope – the antithesis of Secular Atheists, Marxist Liberationists, and the Islamic Nazis that are the true evil in this world. I feel he is my pope as well: A rabbi and a teacher for those of us who believe in peace, love and the sanctity of life.

    The temporary tyrants of Argentina and America may have won for now, but there is hope that a humble Christ like man can unite all the forces of good in Jews, Protestants and Catholics all over the world to defeat the forces of darkness. Marriage is a sacrament of life between a man and woman – not a place to practice same sex sodomy. Abortion is murder, not a life style choice. A religion is not an
    indoctrination camp for hate, but a place for love and understanding. Our humble Pope comes with these messages. May he stand firm against the forces of evil and help us all to be better people. For Thine is the power and the glory forever. Amen.

  • It took about 2 years to see this former bar bouncer and thuggish cartoon character imitation of St Francis turn into our first Marxist Pope…and as the EU opens their borders to hordes of so called refugees, and with them come the Islamo Nazis – Paris burns in a terror attack – and tonight the borders of France are shut down for the first time since 1944. Yes, the leaders of the West are brainwashed fools – and their illiberal locusts of the left and Islamic fascists of the right meet in the middle where over 100 lay dead – the carnage of illiberalism and Islamic Fascism…

  • Is Krauthammer correct in saying that despite the Republican so-called repeal and replace of Obamacare, the US is headed for a single payer system in 7 years? His premise is that once you give people something Govt controlled like Medicare or Social Security – you can't undo it. Probably right – if  America can't stop illegal immigration and counter the Marxists in the Media, in Hollywood, and on Campus – then this tepid attempt to undo the mess of Obamacare will fail. Anyone with eyes and common sense can figure out that Obamacare was DESIGNED to fail and force single payer onto a reluctant but brainwashed electorate. Now with the help of the demagogies of the left and spineless RINOs of the right – expect this imperfect replacement of Obamacare to fail and the road to serfdom continue. Yes, the illiberal locusts of the left are winning. The war is an ideological one and one fought by the left with emotion, flooding the country with the turd world takers. They're winning – and as the slim margin that elected Trump dies off, you can say Adios America! This is probably the last gasp at a free America. Goodbye America, former land of the free…Such bright fellows on TV, Film and on Campus. Moral Midgets. If they left thinks that Trump is a "tyrant" – wait until America finally produces a Stalin or Castro – he'll start off giving these illiberal locusts of the left everything they wish for – including chains and the reality of the notion – "Be Careful what you wish for…"

  • Funny. Homeland the once great Showtime TV show about the inside workings of the fight against Islamic terror – made a huge turn this last season, expecting like all of us, that H Rotten would be crowned Queen. In my opinion it “jumped the shark”! So the entire season was built around a Hillary like Pres. Elect – and the deep state machinations – where a rogue CIA operative and a Glenn Beck like Conservative Talk show host conspire against her left wing appeasement ways. They set out to destroy her. They put together a massive computer operation to send "bots" and "trolls" to social media – as the Talk show host doctors a video showing the Potus Elect's son – a real hero – running from the battle. Thus, using fake news to undermine her agenda and destroy her politically. Fascinating.  Of course, the video left off the part where he was killed trying to save someone. In the media, she is destroyed – and in defense – she turns the country into a police state….


    What we have in REALITY is virtually 180 degrees opposite. We have a deep state that is infested with lefties from 8 years of Obama – in both the In-Justice Dept and the Intelligence Community. The NSA is completely out of control and virtually every American is being surveilled in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. There is not just one traitor in the CIA, we have dozens, perhaps more leaking classified information designed to destroy Trump and his agenda – with a thousand cuts – a steady drumbeat of lies and innuendos – not facts. I know there must be a few fair-minded Dems or Bush RINOs out there that have to be a bit concerned about what kind of country they will get if they succeed in this COUP. And make no mistake. This is a coup that is fundamentally no different than a Banana Republic strongman taking over the only media outlets and the military and unseating the duly elected President. A bit more complex here. But the Main Stream Media is not simply taking out Trump and his immediate circle, they are going after the one large Conservative Traditional Value voice on TV – Fox News. First goes Ailes. Next goes O’Reilly. Next goes the ratings. Eventually, it will just be a few tin-foil hat talk show hosts on radio and de-balled Fox News – but eventually  they too will be eliminated by the Orwellian “Fairness Doctrine” – when the Dem POTUS wins in 2020 – against either a totally beat up Trump (If he hasn’t been assassinated, impeached and removed) or Pence.



    Whether you realize it or not – all the Never Trumpers and Dems that participate in this witch-hunt are co-conspirators in a Coup that will turn this once great country into a Banana Republic writ large. Essentially, Obama put us well on the road to Serfdom. Hillary would have led us there to the bitter end. If they succeed in bringing down Trump, it will be the last gasp for the former United and now Divided States of America.

  • Alan Dershowitz maybe the last HONEST Democrat. He was a proud voter for H Rotten…yet, today on Tucker Carlson, he stated quite flatly that the Mueller investigation will almost CERTAINLY benefit Trump. THERE is NO CRIME. Firing the FBI chief – totally within the bounds of Chief Executive. Virtually everything that the illiberal left is doing is very likely to backfire – and big time come in 2018. The Dems have 23 Senators and Reps have 8 up for reelection. And of those 10 are in play – 9 being where TRUMP won! Ouch! So Trump Russia is the plan for the Dems. Not one thing to help the middle class to actually win back the votes to the Dem party. The game plan is scorched earth – destroy Trump and hopefully take a GOP candidate with them. But as it gets closer to Nov 2018. And it becomes clear that there is no crime and nothing filed – except perhaps to take down Flynn – this could and should backfire on the illiberal locusts of the left. Don't be discouraged – real honest Americans – whether you are Dem, Rep or Independent. My guess is that when the smoke clears, we'll have lower taxes, a wall, a secure border, improved healthcare delivery, more middle-class jobs and a Trump reelection in 2020. Did I just hear a snowflake of the illiberal left's head explode?

  • Swami says Trump ain't no Bush despite having the Walrus for an adviser and there'll be no ground war…I suspect that Iran and Russia will end up the big winners here…more wasted treasure for zero benefits to the US people – of course, the chicken hawks and their military contractors get something out of it…but Trump has failed to build the wall, the economy despite the tax cuts, is not really showing a steady growth in HIGH paying jobs…the Dems will win the house, Trump will be impeached and Socialists who've taken over the Demoncat party and the RinoGOP of Crony Socialism will rule, and while Ollie pontificates about the failed state of Syria perhaps he should ponder the failing Divided States of America as we move farther along on the Road to Serfdom.

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