After completing an MBA from the University of Texas, Bill worked over two decades marketing technology products in Silicon Valley and now resides in Fairfax, CA. In 1980 he took a year off to study acting with Sal Dano in Los Angeles, came back to Northern California where he performed in a few plays and industrial films. His “list of film credit” includes Raspberry Award winning Leonard Part VI (starring Bill Cosby). After suffering through the ignominy of being eaten by a man eating trout during the opening credits of the film, he lost the acting bug. He currently spends many long hours in his car listening to talk radio and many evenings and weekends studying politics and philosophy. His inspiration comes from ancient Greek philosophers, the great founders of this country: Hamilton, Madison, Jay, Jefferson, (even a brilliant socialist leaning philosopher Bertrand Russell), as well as a vast array of Conservative and not so conservative pundits.

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