Like the great F.A. Hayek, I have dedicated this book to the forces that are leading us on the road to serfdom with a slight twist for the reality of America in the early 21st Century: The community organizers of all parties. Hayek’s socialists (who he dedicated his classic work to in Road to Serfdom) of the mid 20th century have morphed into benign sounding names such as community organizers, but ultimately their goal for a collectivist utopia is essentially the same as their Marxist, Fascist friends hiding behind a religion, and socialist brothers.  For these elitists and Philosopher Kings, individuals are not smart enough to run their own government, so it is up to the wise community organizing leaders and a big centralized government to plan and “to organize” for the helpless ignorant masses, to guide them, and as one well known successful politician put it, help direct the poor misguided fools who sadly still manage to “cling to their guns and religion”. Ultimately, I am optimistic that America will survive this onslaught of Statism and Collectivism and will once again become a beacon of freedom for a world where too many individuals are in chains, to give them real hope that they too might one day live where individual freedom and opportunity are available to all, where laws and moral order are derived from God and not man or any group of men.