Preface: The Coming Revolution – The American Middle Class

Versus Saul Alinsky’s Radical Disciples

Ch 1 – The Paradox of Politics and Religion

Ch 2 – Radicals versus the American Middle Class

Ch 3 – The Declaration of Independents

Ch 4 – The Rise of Middle Class Revolutionaries

Ch 5 – Understanding the Philosophical Roots of the United States of America

Ch 6 – Protecting and Preserving the 1st Amendment

Ch 7 – Securing America’s Borders and Cultural Identity

Ch 8 – Abolishing the IRS and revising the Tax code

Ch 9 – The Supremacy of Federalism and States Rights

Ch 10 – The XXVIII Amendment: Federal Congressional Term Limits

Ch 11- Eco-“Extortionism”

Ch 12 – Secular Religions:  Reclaiming True Separation of Church and State

Ch 13 – The Government-Education-Media Complex

Ch 14 – Separating the Judiciary from the Legislative Process

Ch 15 – Stemming the Tsunami of Socialism in America

Afterword, A Nightmare: Food, Famine and The Former United States of America



Historical Tree of Western Political Philosophy

Secular Religious Dictionary

Author’s Biography

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