Ch 2 – Radicals versus the American Middle Class


There have only been four times in American History where the survival of this country has been in serious jeopardy.  Some might say that all the great wars could be counted, but the true life and death situations for America comprise a very short list: the first event was the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War; the second was the Civil War; the third was the Great Depression; and the last World War II.  In each of these significant periods, there was serious doubt whether or not America would survive.


Although the battle we are in today is certainly different, the situation is just as grave. We are in the midst of a great Ideological War and the primary target is the American middle class, the very foundation of America’s government and whether or not the Constitution has any real meaning anymore. What makes the outcome more uncertain is the fact that so many are not aware that this conflict even exists. Although the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan are a part of the bigger conflict, the real struggle is the ideological war between the forces of freedom and oppression.


Though we have not seen the massive global conflagration of WWII, or anything like the bloodiest conflict in American history, the Civil War, we are in a life and death struggle nonetheless. The enemies we fight have not been properly identified, but that does not make them any less deadly. In fact it makes them even more so. Despite military successes, America is nowhere near victory.  How can we when we do not even know who we are fighting?  The enemy is not one but two tyrannical ideologies and their members who we have grossly ignored and underestimated.  We have responded to the attack of 9-11 and have won on the battlefield, but political correctness keeps America’s leaders from naming and therefore truly confronting the enemy. We are also ignoring the larger threat from within – a massive wave of Socialism that if left unchecked will radically change America and destroy the middle class.


In the battle to protect the middle class, we must first start by fighting the corruption of language. What is really meant by someone’s political affiliation and what views and philosophies do they really hold? In the long term, only when the media and the educational institutions do their job to teach and report fairly, can we prevent the inevitable road that leads to tyranny.  For the power hungry elitist, the misuse of language is both a tactic and part of an overall strategy to remake America.  If there is no definite meaning, then that elitist has the flexibility to be whatever the polling data says or to go wherever the “political winds” are blowing.


One point of view is that a traditional conservative is on the side of individual Liberty; on the other side “Statists”, who call themselves “liberal” or “progressives”, are for large Government programs that some say are on the side of Tyranny.  Certainly if you consider yourself as a modern “liberal” in America (not to be confused with the classical liberals of the 17th and 18th century), not many of you would agree. Americans who call themselves “liberals” would most likely proclaim that they are for helping the poor, advancing the rights of the union member or the common wage earner, providing healthcare for all, and against “unjust” wars. All are noble goals. But the fundamental problem is that left unquestioned, these noble ideas in the hands of unscrupulous tyrants become mere bumper stickers without any real meaning. At what point does “liberalism” transform into “socialism” and government tyranny?


Although Obama has flip-flopped or lied on many of his campaign promises, he has indeed kept his promise to bring change and to transform America. But is this “change” leading us on a path to Socialism from which we may never recover? Since it has happened with the sanction of a majority of media outlets and the blessing of the secular priests of the University, most of us are not even aware that it is happening. In fact, there are those who are still feeling the glow of the recent election who are happy to see “change”, because after all, that is what they voted for.  Unfortunately, it is a truism that you should be careful what you wish for since “you just might get it!


What is going on today is reminiscent of the cartoon image of a tribe of cannibals boiling captured hunters alive. Gradually the cannibals add more and more wood to the fire, and as the water gets hotter and hotter we can hear the hunter’s plaintive cries of “What’s that smell, I wonder what’s for dinner?” How many of us are wise enough to get out of the pot before we are boiled alive? What started out as a trickle of rain is now a grand deluge.  What started out as a slight tide is now a full fledged Tsunami. We are drowning and many of us, like the men in the boiling pot, are not even aware that it is happening!


The first thing that needs to happen is for many of America’s more somnambulistic citizens to wake up. Once awake, we can begin to focus on some basic concepts that have led to this point. The proper use of language is crucial to this political dialogue in helping America find the way out of this morass. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say has vanished in the evaporating mist of the political sophistry that has been taken to new heights. The parsing of words like the famous Clintonian defense during his impeachment trial: “It depends upon what the meaning of the word is, is” is only one of the more pernicious of many statements that we have endured in recent history. The most basic of terms has been misused and corrupted by politicians more interested in power than good government.


Unfortunately, even those who are attempting to educate often confuse us with terms not easily understood. Although some of the concepts here are new, the attempt is to make them accessible to the average person. The origins of America’s current political ideologies are broken into three branches and the philosophical roots of these movements are described by the philosophers and ideologies that populate this tree. Although it is easy to confuse extreme positions on the far left or right branches, and there are instances where Socialism and Fascism overlap such as in Nazi Germany, both extreme branches have the commonality of strong centralized government control that ultimately leads to tyrannical repression of individual rights and freedom.


The middle branch is not simply the derivative of America’s founding principles, it is the fundamental evolution of thought from Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, Edmund Burke, John Locke, Montesquieu and America’s founding fathers including Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and Jay. Unfortunately, few of us are still taught this in school and certainly precious little American history comes from broadcast and print media.


Many conservative pundits have noted that objective journalism in America is dead. The “free press” who have morphed into cheerleaders for the present administration should take a great deal of the credit or blame for the present situation. America has just gone through a bloodless Revolution that perhaps started in earnest prior to WWI and Wilson, came to life during the Great Depression and FDR, was slowed during WWII and post WWII boom, re-energized during the radical 60s and 70s and more so with the Carter Administration, lay partially dormant during the Bush-Clinton-Bush years, and became fully realized with the election of Barak Obama to the White House.


By connecting the dots it appears that Lenin is to Marx as Obama is to Alinsky.  Saul Alinsky (1909-1972), the author of as Rules for Radicals is known by the title “father of community organizations”. Middle class Americans might not have voted for Barak Obama if they were fully informed about the extent to which Saul Alinsky and his ideology is intertwined with the policies of Obama and his supporters. Saul Alinsky has made it clear what his community organization is about: “"The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-nots on how to take it away." And what becomes clearer when one really understands the true goal of this “Practical Primer for Radicals” is that Alinsky’s target is not simply the very wealthy but the entire middle class.  This certainly makes sense from the “Marxist” perspective. The destruction of the middle class in America is important to achieve the Marxist dream of pitting the rich against poor. As long as there is a strong middle class, Marxism fails in America. Once the middle class is destroyed, however, America is ripe for Marxist class warfare.


This may come as a shock to many Americans, especially those in the middle class who thought they were voting for a “change” and “hope”.  What those Americans were actually voting for was a radical revolution that if left unchecked will inevitably destroy their standard of living and quality of life. Terms like “change” and “hope” make people feel good but what do they really mean? “Change” and “hope” are religious ideals and feelings even when they are espoused by secularists. Marxists may call themselves atheists, but their actions and doctrine have a theology. Marxism to true believers is practiced like a secular religion. And as many pundits have noted, the election of Barak Obama has taken on the trappings of a religious experience for many of his followers and for others his ascendancy to President is like the coronation of royalty. This type of adulation has given Obama a great deal of political capital to move his radical agenda forward, and what is most striking is that this has been accomplished by a charismatic yet extremely inexperienced politician whose greatest self admitted accomplishment is “community organizing” in Chicago.


Obama’s first days in offices saw the economy shrink with the largest spending bills in the history of this country. Some of this was inherited from the previous administration. However, pouring many more times the amount of fuel of spending and debt on the fire is strictly Obama’s doing. Obama had the chance to show prudence, but his ideology would not let him. Obama and his followers are on a rocket pace to transform this country from the greatest economic and military power in the world to their vision of a socialist utopia. If this is true, what we are likely to see may turn out to look more like an Orwellian Multi-cultural Banana Republic than utopia.


It is important to know how we got to where we are, and in doing so to help shed light on who Obama is and where he is taking us. Unfortunately the press has abdicated its responsibility to inform the public in its transparent attempt to help Obama win and look good in office. The majority of media outlets seem to be acting as members of Obama’s public relations team rather than objective journalists. As has been said by conservative talk radio hosts, if the majority of media outlets did their job of objectively reporting the news, talk radio would be out of business. The important thing is to clear the air as much as possible and to ask reasonable people to make reasonable decisions based on facts – not the emotional propaganda that has bombarded television and radio broadcasts, print media, and University classrooms.


It is unfortunate that we did not have more discussions about the nature of Alinsky’s philosophy and his influence on Obama prior to the presidential election. Although conservative talk shows and commentators have begun the national dialogue, and Alinsky’s name and tactics of politics are being discussed more and more, the patter unfortunately is still laced with the political correctness that keeps the vast majority of them from coming right out and saying that if Obama is following the game plan of Rules for Radicals – his policies are Marxist or socialist in practice. Whatever label you choose many if not most of Obama’s actions and big government programs are antithetical to America’s founding principles of individual freedom and responsibility.


The question is what can we do to restore America’s founding principles?  Self seeking ideologues have always been a part of this great but imperfect country, but it is hoped that we can find leaders like the mythical Jefferson Smith in Frank Capra’s movie fable Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to put us back on track. As you recall the movie is about the symbolic everyman fighting corruption.  Appointed to a senate seat, Jefferson Smith, instead of rolling over for the corrupt bosses, proceeds with a one man filibuster – a David versus Goliath struggle. After many hours and his voice very hoarse, Smith pleads: “Just get up off the ground, that's all I ask. Get up there with that lady that's up on top of this Capitol dome, that lady that stands for liberty. Take a look at this country through her eyes if you really want to see something. And you won't just see scenery; you'll see the whole parade of what Man's carved out for himself, after centuries of fighting. Fighting for something better than just jungle law, fighting so's he can stand on his own two feet, free and decent, like he was created, no matter what his race, color, or creed. That's what you'd see. There's no place out there for graft, or greed, or lies, or compromise with human liberties. And, uh, if that's what the grownups have done with this world that was given to them, then we'd better get those boys' camps started fast and see what the kids can do. And it's not too late, because this country is bigger than the Taylors, or you, or me, or anything else. Great principles don't get lost once they come to light. They're right here; you just have to see them again!


On June 26, 2009 Rep. John Boehner, the House Republican leader, gave an extraordinary one-hour speech reminiscent of Jefferson Smith, shortly before the final vote of the cap and trade bill. As will be described in more detail later, this energy bill will create a "bureaucratic nightmare" that will cost millions of jobs and put the government in places it has no business going. For a second, or more accurately an hour, Jefferson Smith was alive on the House floor fighting America’s Boss Taylors. Unlike the Hollywood movie, however, the people lost this one by a narrow vote. We shall soon see whether this was a temporary setback for liberty or the first step toward the birth of the Former United States of America.


America is at a pivotal moment in history, not that different from the Civil War.  At the present America’s war of ideas is a relatively bloodless affair, but the stakes are just as high. Lincoln in his famous Gettysburg address said: Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.”  Today America is engaged in a great Ideological War that is tearing this country apart as surely as the Civil War did seven score and four years ago. This battle of ideas is indeed testing whether this nation can endure.


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