Ch 4 – Rules for Middle Class Revolutionaries


Rediscovering the true revolutionary principles of America’s founding can be viewed as a modern bill of rights for conservatism that has lost its way. Most of these rules are not new. Most of our revolutionary principles are in harmony with our founding documents.  We must merely examine these documents with news eyes not clouded by a century or more of leftist and radical influence.


There are many other like minded conservatives who have called out similar rules, and certainly they are not the only ones we need to consider.  These rules are designed to protect and promote the middle class in America.  We can defend the middle class by enacting these rules. We can produce a firewall to protect us from the Socialist and Statist who wants to remake this country in their image and undermine the principles that Americans have fought and died for.


The confusion of the fundamental thinking of the left is exemplified by a recent talking head on television waxing poetic about greatness of Lincoln and how much he had in common with Obama.  The educated student of history knows that Lincoln was the first president of the GOP and Lincoln would have very little in common with Obama – except perhaps the sizes of their auditory orifices. So it is not surprising that if you ask the average government educated student in this country to name Lincoln’s party affiliation you will probably get the answer Democrat.  If you ask the average Government educated student which Party’s President was in charge more during peace time in the last Century – you would probably get Democrat.  Again it is a wrong answer.  Wilson, a Democrat started and concluded WWI. FDR, a Democrat started and concluded WWII. Truman, a Democrat started Korea. Eisenhower, Republican ended the Korean War. JFK, a Democrat started the Vietnam War.  Johnson, a Democrat continued the Viet Nam War. Nixon, a Republican – ended the Viet Nam War.  The last two wars under the Bushes balances the equation, but the nod still goes to the Democrats by a count of four to two.


To be fair, it is not clear that any war would have or could have been avoided by either party, but the propaganda and misinformation coming from Government schools have made many members on the left ignorant of the facts, and once you know that, it is easy to see how they can be manipulated. And ultimately they must be held responsible for electing an inexperienced Community Organizer from one of the most corrupt cities in America to the highest office in the land. 


The far left is masterful at vilifying and turning Republican leaders into either caricatures or out right monsters.  And Saul Alinsky should be given a great deal of credit for how this far left attack machine works. They do an excellent job of piggy backing on the sycophantic media and outright Marxist University professors, demonizing conservatives and especially Republican Presidents, turning them into cartoon characters and idiots – even if the idiot in question is a Jet Fighter pilot and with a graduate degree from Harvard. On the other side, the biased press proclaims that Nobel Prize winning Al Gore, despite evidence to the contrary is a benevolent genius dedicated to public service and saving the world from global ecological disaster, as he jets off in his carbon consuming private plane for another six figure speaking engagement. And now that Democrats are in power, they use intimidation tactics reminiscent of a Stalinist or Chicago mobster. Today we see the new administration going after lawyers and policy makers in the past administration for obvious partisan political reasons. Even when there is no apparent law that was broken, these Stalinists attempt to intimidate the opposition by threatening law suits or other punishment. 


Of course, Obama does not quite have total control to actually make these tactics work as long as we have the semblance of the rule of law. Nevertheless, many of his operatives are working at warp speed to bypass the rule of law for political payback – to reward those on the far left who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome and to punish as many Republicans in the Bush Administration that they can.


An ex post facto law – a law made up after the fact to justify prosecution – is not constitutional. (Although there have been a few exceptions allowed by the Supreme Court regarding Child protection and Domestic violence.) It is clear that the Obama administration is dancing right up to creating an ex post facto law, or a bill of attainder (legislative acts that singles out an individual or group for punishment without a trial.) If the Obama administration is successful, the constitution will have been totally eviscerated. These are blatant examples of tyranny in action.


And if the Republican in question is too brainy to make buffoon charge to stick, they do their best to turn that Republican into the devil himself!  It certainly worked on Nixon.  They tried on Reagan, however, and failed miserably. The media coined him the Teflon President when they failed. None of the dirt they kept throwing at him would stick!  Even while the press was doing the far left’s bidding, Reagan’s success both in foreign policy and domestically could not be undone by their anti-Reagan propaganda coming from the Democrat opposition and the left wing press.  And Reagan’s appeal to Middle Americans of every party muted any effort they had to bring him down. They tried on the Bushes with mixed success.  They managed to get GHW Bush out after one term, but there were other forces at play. Bush 1 going back on the pledge of “Read my lips, no new taxes!” and Ross Perot’s 3rd party entry into the 1992 election, helped to get Alinsky’s first protégé into the white house – Hillary Clinton! 


That is right! Hillary has a direct connection to Alinsky and legend has it that he even asked her to work for him.  It has been rumored that she declined, but she obviously picked up more than the basics from Alinsky to help her and her charismatic, prevaricating husband get into the White House.  And God knows, we cannot directly attack Obama and say he is incompetent or inexperienced, because to do so would mean that that person must be a racist. Is that not correct Janine Garafalo? Other than the experience of running for President, he was a US Senator for a little over a year before he started his presidential campaign.  He was a state senator before that. And his real practical experience is from the Alinsky school of community organizing – an organization that has a lineage directly from Al Capone! Why is the media not doing its job of letting the electorate know of these connections? Why do the media treat this man as if he and his wife were royalty or a demigod?


It is a sad spectacle – the Media with sycophants getting tingly feelings down their legs when he speaks.  But once people, especially in the middle class, finally connect the dots between Obama’s Alinsky Community Organizing past and the failed policies that he is promoting, with or without the tingly feeling media sycophants and propagandists – and vote Democrats out.


Is there a pattern here?  As it stands now, the Republican Party is the American patriot’s last best hope to save this country for the glue that holds this country together – the middle class! 


What a member of the middle class needs to know is that Marxists have failed to gain a strong hold in the US for a very simple reason – the size and prosperity of the American middle class.  While it may be true that as many as 35 million Americans live in “Poverty”, it therefore also true that there are over 250 million Americans who live at a middle class or higher level. To put that in perspective, the booming nation of India now has a middle class about the size of America’s!  Only problem is India has a population of about 1.1 Billion people! So that means that over 750 million of their people live in poverty. Americans have prospered per capita more than most countries, certainly more than any country our size, creating the most wealth for the most people of any country on the planet. That is, the 250 million plus members of the middle class in America is so huge a percentage of the population that the Marxist play book of class warfare of the haves versus have-nots does not work here (except during economic hard times – and this could partly account for the messianic appeal of Obama). How many times have you heard Obama say the word “crisis” and “Great Depression”? It almost appears as if Obama and his fellow Marxists are taking an economic recession and purposely turning it into the next “Great Depression”.


Today the game has changed. Now that Democrat Party has been taken over by radical Marxist Ideologues, the middle class has been targeted for extinction.  The new Marxists in power understand that they cannot achieve total success with a strong middle class in their way. So it is fair to say when Obama tells us that this is the worst economy since the Great Depression, he is not saying that in order to help prevent the next Depression, rather he and his fellow Marxists see this as the opportunity to once and for all destroy the Middle Class. He and his fellow travellers are going full speed ahead to help make sure that in fact this becomes the next Great Depression. 


We need to know what is at stake. There is a great map of America that puts the size of our economy in perspective compared to the rest of the world by showing how various countries’ GDP compares to a US state.  For example, Russia and its economy are comparable to New Jersey a few years ago when this map was produced and perhaps as large as New York with their recent oil boom revenues. But for now just take a quick look at just how prosperous America is compared to the rest of the world:




States renamed for countries with similar GDPs –


According to recent statistics, despite the contracting economy of the U.S., at approximately $14 Trillion in GDP, our economy is about as large as the next four economies combined – China, UK, Japan and Germany!  It is not really surprising then to realize why the former Soviet Union failed so miserably – its largest state – Russia with a population of 140 million people is said to have about the same GDP as New Jersey’s population of 8.6 million (or New York if you believe more recent estimates)!  Whether you agree with these estimates are not, best estimates of per capita GDP of Russia varies between $5,000 and $12,000 and the GDP of the US is about $47,000.  No matter whose statistics you use, America’s per person wealth is from four to ten times that of Russia! And for those Europhiles out there, who love to quote the success of the European Union, remember that although they have about three times the population of America they only have a slightly larger overall GDP; EU’s per capita GDP is about $21,000 – less than half that of  America’s.


If one looks at the bombardment from the left leaning media, one might think that America is only a land of rich or poor – when the facts could not be further from the truth. America has a huge middle class – approximately 87% of the population or more.  The fact is due to the incredible wealth of our country, even the poor in America have access to Government subsidized housing, food stamps, a multitude of social services and, access to the best Healthcare system in the world. And contrary to the propaganda to the contrary, every emergency room in every hospital in the U.S. will treat anyone, citizen or not, with or without Health Insurance. Healthcare and social services to illegal immigrants is a good portion of the problem.  Although there are efficiencies that certainly can be had by reforming the healthcare system, there is no doubt that the real strain on the system is the millions of illegal immigrants who get free access to a vast array of social services including healthcare.


By early 2009, California had over $20 billion budget shortfall and the “Governator” so eloquently put it:  unlike de Federal Govenmont, ve cannot print money!”  Interestingly, though California has been tacking hard left, even the progressive land of Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer and Diane Feinstein voted down additional taxes to make up for the failure of the state legislature in Sacramento to balance the state’s budget. There is no doubt the heavily dominated Democrat Legislators who have mismanaged the budget do not have the courage to cut unnecessary spending. By objective estimates, simply stopping free services to illegal aliens will cut more than half of this budget deficit. 


With the implosion of the Republican party and the far left in control of the white house and both houses of congress after the Bush-Clinton-Bush years, it is time to end the fence sitting and the 3rd party Independent party non-sense and join the only viable party that has a chance to save this country from descending into the waste bin of history. For those around in say 1989 – did you ever think you would hear the term:  The Former Soviet Union?


Alinsky’s followers clearly targeted the middle class, and over the last decades with the help of a left wing establishment that allows unrepentant terrorists to teach and G-d damning America Black Liberation Theology Preachers to preach. This teaching and preaching have reached the highest office in the land. Slowly and methodically a significant number of the middle class has been converted to their Marxist ideology hiding behind benign terms like “Community Organizations”.  And that is the brilliance of their scheme.  A recent cable channel interviewed a spokesman for Acorn and made the startling observation that (Acorn) “they are all about the money.”


Well that is only half the truth.  That money comes from somewhere.  That money comes from the likes of George Soros and far left billionaires who back Obama. And why do they back Obama?  Are they backing Obama because they are altruistic and patriotic? A tyrannical regime that controls the private sector through intimidation the way the Obama administration does, offers these leftist robber barons a chance to minimize their competition even more.  And the list of Hollywood idiots may in fact have other psychological reasons, such as “white guilt” and feeling good about voting for a Black man proving how sensitive they are to the plight of the oppressed. (Of course it never crosses their minds that the Marxist policies they support will lead to real oppression!)  There is also the reality that these Obama backing super rich become even richer by backing a more powerful centralized government that favors them. So this relationship does not seem to be completely altruistic. 


What makes this a bit different from most conservative books is that philosophers on all sides of the battle are highlighted. So unlike those who label things indiscriminately, the term “Marxist” has an historical perspective. The original battle between freedom and tyranny has evolved from the Divine Rights of Kings vs. The Rights of the people to Radical Marxists vs. Conservatives. Even so, modern leaders start to resemble monarchs when you have a leader being treated like royalty.  After more than a generation since Alinsky’s followers took control of the Universities and the mass media, they now have their own king who they treat with a reverence not seen in America since the Camelot days of John F. Kennedy.  One will even find some commentators comparing JFK to Barak, and Jackie to Michelle. As David Greenburg stated in Slate Magazine why white liberals were drawn to Obama: “…another clue may lie in the presidential bid of a figure Obama's devotees love to invoke: John F. Kennedy.” It has been quite a love fest. 


Obama has already been given the Messiah treatment by Marxists in the press, so it is not a stretch to compare him to royalty with Divine Rights.  Early liberal thought was very much a battle fought over the divine right of kings versus the rights of individuals (and their legislative bodies that represented them).  This was a battle between the King who was above the law versus the people who were subject to the laws and the whims of the King. Marxist radicals do not have a king, but they do have a leader is starting to look and act like one.


The new king of America started his ascension to the throne in the windy and corrupt city of Chicago. Chicago, where Obama lived, went to church, served in the State Senate and later U.S Senate before becoming President, and is a city with a long history of corruption.  Most recently, we have all heard about the former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich who was arrested on federal corruption charges December 9, 2008. The charges involved conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery. The Justice Department complaint alleges that the governor conspired to commit several "pay-to-play" schemes, including attempting to sell Barack Obama's vacated United States Senate seat to the highest bidder.


Ultimately, Blago appointed fellow Democrat and former state attorney general Roland Burris. Burris was seated after some initial opposition in mid-January 2009. On January 8, 2009, the Illinois House of Representatives voted to impeach Blagojevich by a 114–1 vote for corruption and misconduct in office. This was the first time such an action has been taken against a governor of Illinois, making him the second state official in Illinois history to be impeached. He was subsequently convicted and removed from office on January 29, 2009 by a unanimous 59–0 vote in the Illinois State Senate. In a separate vote, the Senate voted unanimously to permanently bar Blagojevich from holding public office again in the state of Illinois. Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn was subsequently sworn in as new governor.


Before Blago – George Ryan, the last in a 25-year string of Republican governors in Illinois, declined to run again at the conclusion of his term in 2003. Eventually, he was indicted on 22 counts, including racketeering, bribery and extortion. Democratic candidate Rod Blagojevich handily beat his Republican opponent in the election to replace Ryan. So the people of Illinois exchanged a crook with an R next to his name with one with a D.  The results have been about the same.


While there is no real evidence to support the charges, a longstanding piece of political folklore claims Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley, believing a JFK victory could do great things for Democratic politics in Chicago, made sure JFK would not lose Illinois in the 1960 presidential election. Although Kennedy only took the state by 9,000 votes, he won Cook County by 450,000 votes, with some Chicago precincts going to him by 10 to one margins. As they said, they voted “early and often”!


So where does Alinsky fit into Chicago politics?  Karl Rove has said, “Members of Congress should also worry about how Mr. Obama is "keeping score." He is steeped in the ways of Chicago politics and has not forgotten his training in the methods once used by Saul Alinsky, the radical Chicago community organizer. Alinsky's 1971 book, "Rules for Radicals," is a favorite of the Obamas. Michele Obama quoted it at the Democratic Convention. One Alinsky tactic is to ‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’ That is what the White House did in targeting Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer”.


The only thing missing from the Rove quote above is that in addition to “polarizing” their real success has been in their ability to actually demonize their political enemies. Richard Nixon was not just a political enemy – he was the devil himself.  Substitute all Republican leaders and judge for yourself whether or not the sycophantic press has not been a co-conspirator in this Alinsky style propaganda war. And if a failing McCain campaign comes up with one of the most charismatic and startling Vice Presidential picks in Sarah Palin, the left need not worry. The complicit press will find a way to take her down, and take her down they did!


It is indeed unfortunate that the average American did not get the necessary warning information about Obama from their local newspapers, most of the media outlets, and the McCain campaign prior to November 2008.  One would almost have to believe in conspiracy theories to accept that the McCain campaign knew all of this information but failed to adequately warn us about Obama. He refused to hammer the three associations where Obama was vulnerable: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Saul Alinsky. 


Even the Fox news Channel did not really connect the dots and alert us to the real danger in Obama's Association with the community organizers who ultimately are Saul Alinsky's thugs and offspring.  The simple way to view this is in the same way that Lenin and his street proletariat is the offspring of Marx.  Fox News spent a great deal of time trying to make the case of Obama’s association with Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist, and the membership in Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology Church – but Alinsky, who is arguably the real malicious influence of both the Clintons and Obama – even Fox missed this. To Fox’s credit they did spend some investigative reporting on Acorn, but they have failed to really expose just how Alinsky and radical groups like Acorn were tied together.


Acorn is an example of one of the community organizations that played a pivotal role in helping to elect Barak Obama. The fact is that other than his time in school as a student and teacher, Obama’s resume is so thin that “Community Organizer” is all that is really on it.  There is no business that he has run. There is no “real world” experience. There are a few years of public service: There is a term as state senator and a year as US Senator before his run for president. Where is his experience for the highest position in the land?  The bigger question is where was the media in asking the tough questions?


Acorn has had multiple accusations of voter fraud. The Media, except for Fox News, has been conspicuously silent for the most part has not reported the corruption and scandal that ties Obama to his primary job experience – the community organization known as Acorn. Acorn, among other things, is noted for intimidation tactics used to force banks to make subprime loans and is therefore a prime causative factor in our recent Housing Bubble and economic meltdown. But where was and where is the outrage of Obama’s connection to such a mob-like corrupt organization? As reported, “They mastered the art of pressuring banks – often through radical and controversial methods – to provide subprime loans to all comers…Its political agenda is driven by a relative handful of political thugs for hire.  And it is a fact that now that they have Obama in power – Alinsky’s supreme disciple, they are going follow Alinsky’s directive and start taking from the “haves”.


The American middle class is an amazing success story, but there has been a non stop effort to destroy it and the foundation of America with it. In the short term, every American should become knowledgeable of our enemies.  We have a lot to protect. In the long term, some of these rules that follow should become amendments to the Constitution with the simple goal of re-establishing rights that have been eroded over time. To help save the American middle class, some basic rules are:


#1 – Understand the Philosophical Roots of the United States of America.

We must know where we came from to better understand who the enemies of the middle class are.


#2 – Protect and preserve the 1st Amendment. In addition to protecting free speech, we must understand the Freedom of Religion Clause in the 1st Amendment. We must protect talk radio from the Orwellian “fairness doctrine” and similar ploys to limit conservative free speech. We must also comprehend why Hate Crimes Laws are unconstitutional. We must prevent Executive Department Appointed Judiciary and Law suits that are used to intimidate opponents and stymie Free Speech.


#3 – Secure our Borders and our Cultural Identity. It is necessary to block Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants for the well being of our state and preserving the middle class.  It is paramount to prevent America from becoming a One Party Government. Comprehensive Immigration = Amnesty = One Party Rule = Tyranny.


#4 – Abolish the IRS and existing tax code in order to slow down the profligate spending of our National government, and return fairness to taxation. We must remember that a key reason for our original Revolution was to fight taxation without representation. We must repeal the XVI amendment and abolish the IRS and install a flat or fair tax.


#5 – Promote the Supremacy of Federalism and States Rights. Promote the X Amendment and protect the individual from a tyrannical national government. Repeal the XVII amendment. We must have a foreign Policy based on the doctrine of America First.


#6 – Pass the XXVIII Amendment following the lead of the XXII amendment of presidential term limits and install Federal Congressional Term Limits. Reduce undue influence of Foreign Governments and eliminate Career Politicians.


#7 – Promote Science and rational environmental policies as practical adjuncts to our capitalist system. Fight against Eco-extortionists who are using thinly veiled attempts to destroy our system and the wealth of the middle class by couching it behind bad science and scare tactics. Stand up to politically motivated science policies that are out to destroy our energy system. Undo “cap and trade” or “cap and tax”.  Recognize the historical importance of America’s innovators and inventors in the free market as the fundamental reason for our success and the wealth it has given the middle class.


#8 – Acknowledge Secular Religions in order to reclaim a true separation of Church and State. We must understand why Secular Religions infringe on the First Amendment and destroy the values of the middle class.


#9 – “The Government-Education-Media Complex” must be recognized for what it is. Begin to implement the Voucher System and Home Schooling to counter the Education monopoly. Understand why monopoly in Education is not qualitatively different from monopoly in Business, and we need to see the link between the education monopoly, the media monopoly, and government policy. The link between GE, parent of NBC, MSNBC, and the Obama administration needs a thorough investigation.


#10 – Separate the Judiciary from the Legislative Process. Re-establish the link between States Rights and Composition of Supreme Court; abolish all lifetime judges except the Supreme Court; and follow a strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution for clarifying the role of Judiciary. Impeach or vote out judges who legislate from the Bench. Show how Freedom of Speech and Reform of the Judiciary is linked. Understand why Shari’a Law (and any other foreign law) is incompatible with the Constitution.


It is unfortunate but it is likely that some issues need a longer term approach.  The abortion battle is analogous to the compromise that non-slave states made with slave states in order to gain a consensus that enabled the final ratification of the Constitution.  Like the battle to eliminate slavery, the abortion battle will be won because of the fundamental morality involved.  Killing an unborn child is no less morally reprehensible than slavery, perhaps if there is such a scale, even more so. But there is a bigger conundrum here because the “choice” of the woman and her civil rights are compared to the rights of an unborn. Morality is hard to quantify, but slave at least had his life – even if it was in chains.  There is no moral justification for abortion except in the rare cases where it can save the life of the mother. It took a hundred years to finally get it right with slavery. It is hoped that it does not take another civil war and a hundred years to correct this blight on this greatest of nations.


Anti-abortion, being for the traditional definition of marriage and being for other values consistent with a conservative’s religious teachings – it is important to be strategic with these controversial issues.  For example, the Democrats automatically win on the abortion issue because women tally over half of registered voters and most women favor their “reproductive rights” and not the rights of the unborn.  Sadly, unless we undo women’s suffrage, a conservative’s only alternative is to tread lightly on this issue unless absolutely necessary. Yet conservatives must not be afraid to raise the rights of the unborn and the needless slaughter of the 40 to 50 million lives since Roe v Wade was enacted when confronted.  When the Supreme Court is comprised of men and women of conscience, they will not so much undo Roe v Wade, but rather put this decision back where it belongs – to the State and ultimately to the individuals involved.  There is no upside for a Federal Government to sanction and promote abortion any more than it is good for the nation to sanction slavery.


Marxists must not win the day by being allowed to side track the debate by promoting issues that cannot be won yet.  Someday even the left and women of conscience will wake up and see the carnage of unborn life that is left behind and some day we can eliminate abortions altogether unless absolutely necessary to save the mother’s life.


Each rule is intend to make it as simple and straight forward as possible yet show the philosophical roots that are behind it.  In almost all cases, these rules are already seen within the founding documents – with a strong dose of original intent of the Constitution, a dash of wisdom from the Federalist Papers, other noted philosophers and thinkers, and good old common sense.  For the serious student of conservative American political theory and practice the goal is to make it as plain spoken as possible for the Common man. 


This is where the new energized new American Revolutionaries must go.  Ronald Reagan enlisted the so-called “Reagan Democrats” – not by pandering – but rather by being the great communicator of sound ideas.  Reagan did not seek out conservative democrats – they came to him! The far left has been trampling on the Constitution and the basic American values for the better part of the last hundred years, and only have been slowed when conservatives won the white house or one or more houses of congress.  They have had their great visionaries like Wilson – and his failed League of Nations, FDR – the man who took a depression and turned it into a “Great Depression”; the anti-Semitic catalyst for the emergence of Islamo-fascism – the peanut farmer from Georgia, and now the great disciple of Saul Alinsky – the Messianic Community Organizer from one of the most corrupt cities in the history of this country.


It is time for the working man and woman, small and large business owners and workers, who make up the vast majority of the engine that runs this great country to realize that their future is not linked to socialist elitists who, with the help of radicals like Saul Alinsky, and now his greatest disciple in the White House, seek to destroy the American dream and replace it with their warped utopian vision.  The great author George Orwell wrote 1984 (some 40 years before that date) about a horrific “dystopia” in the future where Big Brother was in charge and personal freedom was non existent.  Over the years leftist Professors created fear in the students sitting in their class rooms by warning them that the threat for this nightmare vision came from the right on the political spectrum. They were only partially “right”. Our middle way is not by any means related to fascism.  Our philosophic roots come from abiding by the Constitution and the rule of law.  The fact is that the ideology for the former moderate Democrat Party has moved so far left, anything to their right is fascism.


This dystopian nightmare has historical precedent in both extremes of the political spectrum; socialist states like the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and National Socialist Party of Germany.  Again, we have allowed demagogues on the left to define who we are. The left is in denial if they think that the real threat to personal freedoms come from conservatives who abide by the US Constitution.  The threats come from elitists on the left who want power, and followers of Militant Islam whose laws and religion are fundamentally incompatible with ours.


As Obama was recorded at a SF fundraiser during the campaign giving a speech to the elitist white wine drinkers in SF and how they must fear those common folks. He said, “It is not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”. Our founders were enlightened courageous men, many who died clinging to their guns and religion. Generations of great patriots in the military – many of them too died clinging to their guns and religion.  It is not wise to let the followers of Shari’a Law, Rev Wright and his anti-American black liberation theology, Bill Ayers the terrorist, Saul Alinsky the Marxist “community organizer”, Karl Marx and all of their socialist or anti-American viewpoints be allowed to undermine America.  The good news is that there were never more than about a third of the Colonists who fought the British and ultimately secured our freedom. So today do not despair. If as Paine so beautifully put it – there are more “sunshine patriots and summer warriors” than true warriors – there are still more than enough patriotic Americans to take our country back!





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