Ch 7 – Securing our Borders and Cultural Identity


“Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” — Theodore Roosevelt (Before Progressives believed in Multi-culturalism.)



“A wise and free people must focus their attention on many objectives.  First is safety.” —Federalist Papers #3 [3]



“May in not happen, in fine, that a minority of citizens become a majority of persons by adding alien residents, mercenaries, or people in the State without voting rights? . . . In the tempestuous scenes of civil violence, [non-citizens] may give a superiority of strength to any party with which they may associate themselves.”–Federalist Papers 43



“But in the fight against terrorism, there is no middle ground, and half-measures keep you half-exposed. You cannot keep just some nuclear-armed terrorists out of the United States; you must keep every nuclear-armed terrorist out of the United States”. — Dick Cheney




Viva Zapata was a fabulous movie with a very well written screenplay by the author of The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck. As evidenced by his depression era themes, Steinbeck is no real lover of capitalism. He is more sympathetic to the farm worker’s plight than the business owner. Nevertheless, Steinbeck’s classic screenplay for Zapata (played by Marlon Brando) contains a monologue that is a testament to self reliance. This land is yours. But you must protect it. It will not be yours long if you do not protect it. If necessary, with your lives, and your children with their lives. Do not discount your enemies. They will be back. And if your house is burned, build it again. If your corn is destroyed, replant. If your children die, bear more. If they drive you out of the valley, live on the mountain, but live. You always look for leaders, strong men without faults. There aren’t any. There are only men like yourselves .They change. They desert. They die. There are no leaders but yourselves. A strong people is the only lasting strength.” Rather than blindly following corrupt leaders, Steinbeck’s Zapata warns the common man to depend on himself.



It is politically incorrect to mention that Mexico and most Latin American countries historically have been more corrupt than the U.S., but after all, that is where the term Banana Republic originated. Zapata, as an historical figure, is symbolic of the corruption that began with the birth of Mexico and is still quite endemic today. America has always been a magnet for the poor but today the problem of immigration has been compounded by the politics of special interest groups in America who see illegal immigrants who cross our borders as either cheap labor or a voting block to get and maintain power.



Samuel Huntington in Who Are We? compared the country of origin of the five principal countries in 1960 versus 2000. In 1960 foreign born in America was fairly evenly dispersed between Italy, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, and Poland – between 750 thousand and 1.25 million. In 2000, Mexico’s count was almost 8 million, with China, Philippines, India and Cuba about 1 million each. And the numbers of immigrants both legal and illegal make that estimate most likely on the low side. But to compound this, the fertility rate of Hispanics is 3.0 compared to 1.8 for non Hispanic. One does not need to be a population scientist to know that a European middle class English speaking population is being replaced by uneducated poor Mexicans and Hispanics. Although there is no data yet available to assess completely how this group of immigrants will assimilate to America, there are a couple of troubling things we do know.



In 2000, almost 90% of native born Americans graduated from high school compared to fewer than 34% for Mexican born. Mexicans make up approximately 25% of the prison population. So the conclusion is that we have millions of uneducated immigrants who will be putting a strain on the social system – especially prisons and welfare services. The myth that they “all come here to work” is proven false by investigating the facts. But the Democrats who want their votes and the RINO republicans who want cheap labor do not care about these facts. Prior to 2000 when the numbers were relatively small, America managed to cope. But those days are over. For power seeking Democrats, this shift of poor Mexican and Hispanic voters as a percentage of the population will just about guarantee their victory for the foreseeable future. Moderate RINOs will make that small special interest group of their constituency happy who benefits from cheap labor, but ultimately they are just like the hunters in the cannibal’s pot – they are asking “what’s for dinner?” and nobody is around to tell them – “it’s you!”.



Hispanics will grow from twelve to an estimated 25 percent of the US population by 2040. Most of these immigrants will be the poorest of the poor from Mexico, and a large percentage of illegal immigration will be accomplished by organized smugglers. Even President Clinton warned that the organized smuggling of people into the US is “a threat to national security”. But in reality, all illegal immigration is a threat to national security. Logic tells us that it only takes one terrorist – Islamic or otherwise – slipping past our porous border to do us immeasurable harm. As Professor Huntington explains, “The economic and political forces generating this threat are immense and unrelenting. Nothing comparable has occurred previously in the American experience”.



There can be strong empathy for the Mexican and Latin American people with no love lost for their government or those in America who want to take advantage of them. However, nations have laws and borders, and securing those borders is a necessary precondition for calling itself a sovereign state. What nation exists if it has no defined borders? What kind of nation do you have if the people speak different languages and can not communicate effectively? What kind of nation do you have if you have different cultural traditions and do not share a common bond? The simple answer is that without an orderly process of legal immigration and an assimilation process to understand a common language, ancestry and customs – there is no nation – only a multi-cultural mess. The land of the “melting pot” now becomes the land of “separate pots” – Balkanized and at war with itself. That is now what is happening in America. The middle class American must understand the Marxists who run things are salivating to have twenty or more million illegal immigrants granted citizenship. With only a few more million votes, they will be guaranteed a one party rule indefinitely and this will mean the death of the middle class in America.



Again for seemingly a noble cause – to help the poor – many Americans are ambivalent about “Illegal Immigration”. The language of those who support it, conveniently omit the term “illegal” from the dialogue and call those who oppose illegal immigration as “racists”. The famous race card is again used to shut down rational debate. And if you are not on a border state and have not witnessed first hand the criminal and dark side of Illegal Immigration, you might not really think it affects you. Based on statistics, it will and the crime and gang violence is moving to states all over the country. The media, sympathetic to all causes of the left, do not tell you the stories of the violence committed against American citizens and the fact that at least a quarter or more of the prison population in America is Illegal Immigrants! With the recent drug wars, it is estimated that there have been more deaths in Mexican border towns last year than all of our deaths during the entire Afghanistan and Iraq war! Time Magazine April 2009 article states there have been “more than 7,000 Mexicans murdered since the start of last year — almost 2,000 in Juárez alone.”



Of course, those guilty of turning a blind eye to this danger are both found on the left and right. It is apparent that there are businesses that influence those politicians on the left and right to turn a blind eye to enforcing illegal immigration due to their quest to find cheap labor. And it is equally apparent that there are those in the Democrat party keen on allowing Illegal immigrants to become instant citizens because they see this as instant Democrat votes! The importance here is that Laws only have meaning if they are enforced. In those regimes led by thugs rather than the rule of law, a law is anything the thug says it is on any given day!



And we find ourselves moving in that direction, where politicians have the nerve to only apply Laws that give them political currency. It is fascinating that some rules of Law are worth pursing and some are not. Both George Bush and most of the Democrat Party have turned their heads the other way when discussing enforcing the Rule of Law regarding the millions of Illegal Immigrants who have broken laws to come to this country. Instead they cloak the issue around the deceptive term “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. It is simply Amnesty for law breakers at the most basic level. The average American understands this, but that does not keep politicians from trying to sell them the big lie!



The answer to the Illegal Immigration issue is simple and straightforward: strengthen the meaning of citizenship by eliminating the forces on the left and right who bypass the rule of law and tolerate illegal immigration. Small “r” Republicans like Bush and McCain, who back Comprehensive Immigration plans – or more precisely Amnesty for Illegal immigration – are committing political suicide. Amnesty for illegal immigrants may in fact destroy the Republican Party if passed. Certainly the results of the last two election cycles have shown that Republicans are out of touch with people who want “change” from failed policies of the past. Republicans who ignore the will of the American people suffer from the delusion that if they show how inclusive they are they can get both Hispanic and other “moderate” voter support. This is patently absurd and the results of the last two elections have shown that Republicans who reject core values of border security and opposition to big Government spending have opened the door wide open for the revolution that we are now experiencing. The statistics tell us that Hispanics vote according to economic class in just the same way that white and other ethnic groups vote. Those at near or at poverty level – which would be virtually all illegal immigrants – will vote Democrat.



There are several policies that many conservatives talk about: banning Chain immigration, prosecuting companies for hiring illegal immigration. But just talking about this and wishing will not make it so. Again, this is where Republicans need to learn from the community organizer (without the illegal tactics that is) and energize true believers to make it clear that it is not just a few groups like the Minutemen who care about this issue. We need to make sure that only legal citizens have the right to vote and make it clear that politicians will not be able to change demographics and outcomes of elections by immigration policies designed to act as a voting block to nullify the will of legal citizens. These rules are interdependent and a stepping stone to Marxist policies that could seriously impact the middle class. That is, unconstrained immigration not only buys votes for democrats but gets them closer to their Universal Healthcare goal. And the biggest losers in universal healthcare will be the aging baby boomers and the vast middle class who will see their healthcare rationed in order to take care of others who pay nothing into the system.



With the help of a poor underclass freshly imported from Mexico and Latin America, the only missing ingredient for a complete Marxist takeover is making sure they have voting rights. Once that happens, the Marxists can get the votes necessary to pass Cap and Tax – Destroying the Energy Sector in much the same way the back room Health Care fiasco will destroy the best healthcare system in the world. It will give the Democrats a stranglehold on the Government that Republicans and conservatives will not be able to break. So we must see how Amnesty for Illegal immigration, open borders, and Healthcare are all part of a very simple plan that has been playing out for almost a century – and certainly has gained traction in the last thirty or so years since Alinsky wrote his radical treatise. If this happens, the soft tyranny that Levin talks about moves us much closer to the full blown tyranny that many of us fear. What stops the forces of tyranny if America is reduced to a one party system? If the Health insurance mandate forcing Americans to buy a “product” of service is not found Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, then logically there are no limits to what the Federal Government can mandate. If this happens, this may be the spark that ignites the second revolution.




The Implication of Not Sealing our Borders in the War Against Militant Islam



If we are to use the language in a meaningful way, we must decide once and for all if we are in a war or not. And if we are truly at war we must secure our borders – not just from poor Latin Americans – but perhaps more importantly Islamic terrorists. There are those out there mostly on the left, but some from the right who think that as Dick Cheney suggested, the terrorist attack of 9-11 was a “one-off” – that is, it was an isolated case and we should not be in either Iraq or Afghanistan. But Cheney also notes: “That attack itself was, of course, the most devastating strike in a series of terrorist plots carried out against America at home and abroad. In 1993, terrorists bombed the World Trade Center, hoping to bring down the towers from a blast down below. The attacks continued in 1995, with the bombing of U.S. facilities in Riyadh,; the killing of servicemen at Khobar Towers in ’96; the attack on our embassies in East Africa in 1998; the murder of American sailors on the USS Cole in 2000; and then, of course, the hijackings of 9/11, and all the grief and loss that we suffered on that day. Militant extremism’s genie is now officially out of the bottle since they declared war with us after the Shah of Iran was removed and a tyrannical theocracy was put in its place in Iran. With that came the other Islamic threat in the spread of Wahabi inspired terrorism from Al Queida and Bin Laden that has culminated on the attack of 9-11.



We just did not quite take it seriously until 9-11 and the shock of seeing the towers come down woke most of us up. But not all are awake or rational. We also have conspiracy nuts, who blame Bush or Israel for the towers coming down, those who ignore the history of the other attacks on the U.S soil prior to 9-11, and those who see this like the Clinton administration – as a police action – and not an act of war. And the latest idiocy to be added to the list – giving Miranda rights to terrorists captured in Afghanistan!



Language is important. Clinton was wrong to label these occurrences anything but acts of war. Jihadists were treated as common criminals and hence our response was a “police action” – and a half hearted one at that. With 9-11, most of America woke up from sleep of complacency and realized we were at war. For politically correct expediency, we still failed to name our enemy and we continue to do so. How can you defeat an enemy you refuse to even admit exists? Once again: We do not have a war on the tactic of terror. The enemy are fascists who took over an already unreformed medievil religion that has been a ripe breeding ground for militancy. And now, to further mislead America, Obama is calling this an “overseas contingency operations”. Orwell is having a good laugh as he is rolling over in his grave!



It is time to stop blaming our culture and way of life for causing the fascist Militant Islamists to attack us. Samuel Huntington rightly noted in the Clash of Civilizations, where there are Muslims, there are “bloody borders”. Of course, the Militant Islamist apologists like to emphasize Israel as the cause of Muslim outrage. As a side note, it is fascinating to try to comprehend the of Obama’s pastor mind numbing anti-Semitic rant claiming that a tiny nation with six million Jews is guilty of “ethnic cleansing” – while they are surrounded by over 100 million hostile Arabs! As Samuel Huntington warned us about Muslim wars, Violence also occurs between Muslims, on the one hand, and Orthodox Serbs in the Balkans, Jews in Israel, Hindus in India, Buddhists in Burma and Catholics in the Philippines. Islam has bloody borders.” When do the left wing ideologues and Marxists in our government finally realize that there is nothing we can do in the west to ameliorate the situation other than to convert, pay tribute or die? Of course, the rational alternative is to simply defeat this enemy the same way we defeated Nazi Germany and Japan in World War II and the former USSR during the cold war.



Militant Islamists have been at war with us long before 9-11. Instead of being pro-active and taking the fight to the enemy in the 80s and 90s, we let the enemy develop new and more elaborate strategies to attack us. Unlike our leaders after 9-11 there were those who in their minds, knew exactly who was the enemy, and the head of that snake was in Iran – not Afghanistan or Iraq. Leonard Peikoff of the Ayn Rand institute took out a full page ad in the New York Times immediately after 9-11 on October 2, 2001 and declared the following: “What Germany was to Nazism in the 1940s, Iran is to terrorism today. Whatever else it does, therefore, the U.S. can put an end to the Jihad-mongers only by taking out Iran.” Instead of targeting Iran, we chose to go after Osama bin Laden directly with a battle axe rather than with a sabre. Actually it is more like we went after a fly with a cannon rather than a fly swatter when we should have been chopping off the head of the snake in Iran as well as Wahabi breeders of bin Laden in Saudi Arabia. We mistakenly thought if “liberated” Iraq from the thug Saddam Hussein, we would be welcomed with open arms as liberators. We have also mistakenly thought that democracy was something Iraqis and other Arab countries would embrace. We were wrong. Peikoff was right then and recent history has proven him right now.



The only thing missing from his declaration was the equal battle that we need to fight against the Wahabi backed Saudis in Saudi Arabia– not just in Afghanistan. (After all most of the 9-11 highjackers were Saudi) It seems, however, that oil money has been able to buy the Saudi kingdom politicians in the US and the West who have kept them from being the central target. Of course, the real question is how do we wage war in the land of Mecca without angering about a billion Muslims? One answer may be to look at Militant Islam whether originating from Iran or Saudi Arabia the way we looked at the USSR during the cold war. The new cold war enemy of America and the West should be replaced by Militant Islam. It is time we started learning from our success fighting the cold war and realize that we are in for a multi-decade battle if not longer. It seems that the biggest obstacle to this is oil. As long as we are dependent upon foreign oil, we will have leaders telling us we are fighting “terrorism” and “overseas contingencies” rather than fighting those key countries that are prime breeding grounds for this war.



Instead of developing all of the vast oil resources we have in Anwar and off the coast, maximizing our coal, and building Nuclear Plants as fast as we can, we are doing 180 degrees opposite of what we should be doing. The piddling benefit from “green” energy sources will not reduce our foreign dependency from Saudi Arabia and the other enemies of America. But this self destructive policy will serve the interest of the Marxists in power and the Militant Islamists. They are both more than happy to sell us the two big lies that “green” programs and “cap and trade” will help our energy needs and save the planet.



Since we are doing the exact of opposite of what we need to do in order to be self sufficient in energy, the prognosis is that we cannot win this war. As it stands now we are being defeated by Marxists within and Fascists without. The only question is do we have a chance to reverse course in order to keep from becoming The Former United States of America? We are only going to be able to defeat this enemy if we stick to our core values as Reagan did during the cold war. If we do, we can once again defeat the forces of fascism as we cleanse our own body politic of the plague of Marxism. But right now it is looking grim.



In responding to 9-11 we made strategic and tactical mistakes, but we put the enemy on the defensive and that was a good thing. Eight years after 9-11 and we have not been attacked. But instead of praising the brave men and women in the CIA and the success of keeping our homeland safe after 9-11, the Obama administration appears to be playing partisan politics with our national security and is cherry picking information to make the case that waterboarding and putting caterpillars in a box with a terrorist is torture and beyond the pale! Waterboarding sounds pretty harsh since it makes the terrorist think that he is drowning. Apparently only three terrorists were waterboarded and there was no permanent damage done except for rumours that the poor terrorist with the caterpillar is still having nightmares about his experience.



Cheney maintains that the value of the information they got from the mastermind of 9-11 and the man who cut off Daniel Pearl’s head, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed prevented a 9-11 type attack on Los Angeles. Why has the Obama administration failed to release the classified memos that Cheney says is evidence that proves his allegation about the success of this EIT? If Mr. Obama is willing to give the order to put a bullet in the head of three pirates to rescue one sailor, why is he not willing to use waterboarding to save the life of thousands of Americans? Michael Medved has suggested on his nationally syndicated radio talk show that the only reason Obama gave the order is because he thought they asked him for “a tax” not “attacks”!


Not securing our border has a double whammy effect. There is the prospect of a one party rule because of the make up of poor illegal immigrants, and the real possibility that a terrorist could get past a porous border. Americans who understand who we are fighting and what we are protecting see it clearly. We are fighting Islamofascists and we must aggressively take the war to them. We must also protect the integrity of our founding principles and not let one party control all the branches of government.



For the Republicans in name only like George Bush, there was a mistaken notion that if we bent our immigration laws by giving Amnesty of the 12 to 20 million Mexican and Latin Americans who have crossed our borders illegally this would somehow turn into a voting block that would help Republicans win elections. Tom Tancredo stated in a 2008 article in about Obama getting 67% of the Hispanic vote and McCain getting a smaller percentage of Hispanic vote than Bush: “What changed was the number of Hispanic citizens who went to the polls in 2008, not their party allegiances. If you correct the voting data for income and education levels, Hispanics vote much the same way as other Americans of similar socio-economic status.” And make no mistake about it, if 20 million poor Mexicans are allowed to vote they will vote Democrat in future elections.



These poor people coming across the border are not coming here for vacation homes, and they will undoubtedly vote overwhelmingly like the rest of the poor in America – for the Marxist social welfare programs of the Democrats. So the message for Republicans is that your future might be better served by sticking to the principle of fairness and the rule of law which will also serve the best interests of the middle class. Immigration laws were broken and turning a blind eye to either in order to curry votes or assist business cronies get cheap labor is a losing game for the Republicans. Those immigrants who stood in line and got here legally are rightly upset. The ability to break laws sends a message that America is not that different from the Banana Republics they came from – laws are flexible with a little bribe or when it is politically expedient.



But because of the bloodless revolution that has occurred over the last 40 years or so, many of us have been brainwashed to ignore or minimize the negative impact of illegal immigration on America. And even the Republican Party under Bush 2 attempted to curry favor with Hispanics by rewarding illegal immigrants with the so called Comprehensive Immigration Bill. It boggles the mind that that Republican administration was so blinded by forces that want cheap labor, foreign influence and just bad advice to think that rewarding illegal immigrants to the detriment of our citizens is a good policy. If Amnesty is enacted someday, it may be the death knell for the Republican Party. The decision would almost certainly guarantee that the Democrat Party will have an insurmountable voting block for decades. The majority of Americans are not that suicidal and realize that there is only so much room in this “ship of state” and that at some point the boat sinks if we do not respect the basic rules of physics. Restrictions are necessary on the numbers that we allow in, or we may end up drowning in our own benevolence.



Populists like Pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs tell us that we have been selling off America to the Chinese and other foreign countries for decades. Globalism and unfair trading agreements like NAFTA have destroyed our manufacturing base by off shoring both skilled an unskilled jobs. It serves no purpose to lay the blame completely at the feet of Obama. But the Bush-Clinton-Bush tide of economic treason has now turned into a Tsunami with Obama. The pie in Obama’s first hundred days shrunk by 6.1%. If we reach a number approaching 10% in one year – that would be over a Trillion dollars! If 2% shrinkage forecast this year is accurate that is still $280 Billion – twice the entire budget deficit of 2001! And why would they care if the middle class and producers in this country’s standard of living shrinks, as long as they can get their 25 to 50 million new Hispanic votes by amnesty for Illegal immigrants and opening up the borders, they will have more than enough votes to counter yours – if and when you ever wake up and decide to take your country back!



America must back policies that will secure our Borders in order to maintain our Cultural Identity. It is necessary to block Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants for the well-being of our state and preserving the middle class. It is paramount to prevent America from becoming a One Party government. In the end, Comprehensive Immigration = Amnesty = One Party Rule. And one party rule will signal the end of America as we know it.

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