The Coming Revolution – The American Middle Class Versus Saul Alinsky’s Radical Disciples


There has been only one true American Revolution. But there are strong political forces that consider the principles of our founding old and out dated. They consider themselves modern American Revolutionaries. They look at America and the middle class as war mongering, racist, and in need of a radical transformation by an all powerful Big Government of wise philosopher kings and the minions of supporters and foot soldiers from community organizations. They are in an undeclared war against the status quo and the American middle class.


America has become a stable civil society over the last two hundred years, but that does not mean that our fundamental individual rights and freedoms are secure. They are not. With the election of Barack Obama it is fair to say that these radical forces are winning the battle of ideas. This ideological war has been going on for over a century, perhaps since the mid 19th Century with the ideas of Karl Marx, but we can mark our present battle beginning in earnest with the 1971 publication of a small book by Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) Rules for Radicals. Alinksy is also known as the father of community organizers. His influence on our new president is well documented.


Although Barack Obama and the other community organizers may not openly admit it for political reasons, they consider themselves not only Radicals but also societal revolutionaries. Alinksy and his Radical followers, however, are better described as counter revolutionaries fighting against the status quo and the resultant society created by our original American Revolution. They are at war with our founding principles and it is time that Americans wake up to this fact.


It is also fair to say that with the ascent of Barack Obama to the Presidency, Saul Alinsky and his radical counter revolutionary movement has won a significant battle for the soul of America. Not to be alarmist, but America is in jeopardy of becoming a footnote in history if she does not win this war. If America loses this war she will invariably become another failed experiment in implementing a free and open democratic republic in a world of tyrannical regimes and oppressive governments. And it is shocking that this all happened in less than two decades since the fall of the Communist Soviet Union.


Alinsky was a brilliant tactician and the power of his ideas has been proven by the election of his greatest disciple Barack Obama to the highest office in the land. For those of us who have been awakened by the speed in which Obama and his followers have succeeded in transforming America, the part that Saul Alinsky has played in this drama is quite amazing. Alinsky grew up in Chicago and is hailed as the father of community organizers and Obama does not hide his pride in his Chicago “community organizing” past. In fact it is fair to compare Lenin’s relationship to Marx with Obama and Alinsky. Conservatives can vilify Marx and Alinsky but they would be better served to try to understand these brilliant men rather than dismissing them and the motivation of the politicians who use their ideas to seek power.


Although it may not be immediately apparent, America is now in real jeopardy of a full fledged second revolution. Some have suggested we are at the brink of a civil war, but it may be more accurate to look at the similarities between today and the forces at work as more analogous to the Revolutionary War.


At the present we have had a mostly quiet transition to radical socialism, because it has been done under the cover of a complicit press and government education monopoly, but as more Americans wake up to the radical “transformative” policies of Obama, it may not stay that way. This is especially true if Obama continues to be successful in pushing through social and economic policies aimed at destroying the fundamental principles of this country and the wealth and standard of living of the vast American middle class.


It is my sincerest hope that Obama is slowed in his rush to take over the major instrumentalities of American government, because if he is successful the inevitable result will be armed conflict. Unlike other countries that have been lulled into a takeover by the tyrants who use lies of a socialist utopia with little or no resulting armed revolt, America’s armed citizens are not defenseless against tyrants. Also there may be at least a third or more of the population willing to rise up in rebellion if that is the only option left open to them. This portends a less than peaceful response if radical forces are successful in their coup. Also, there may come a point where many in the military have to choose between blind loyalty to a radical counter culture commander in chief or fighting with the true American Revolutionaries. It is my deepest wish that it does not come to that, but one would have to be in total denial to think that all Americans will simply roll over once they understand what is happening to them.


In essence we are continuing the Revolution of our founding. We are the descendants of freedom loving Revolutionaries and we are now fighting the new tyrannical policies of radicals who are well on their way to taking over our country. In 1776, this revolution was forced on us by a capricious Monarch who levied unbearable taxation and other intolerable policies which inevitably led to the original Boston Tea Party – a rebellion that told the tyrannical King George that we would not stand for “taxation without representation”. Today the radicals and their lackeys in the media dismiss our “tea party” rebellion and protests, but they have not seen anything yet. They are waking up the sleeping giant and there will not be a peaceful resolution unless they back off. It is my sincerest hope that our followers will be able to keep our protests peaceful, but it is not altogether clear that this conflict will always stay that way. Freedom loving people – descendants of our brave Revolutionary founders know that freedom is worth fighting and dying for. Let us hope that we can take back our country without a second bloody revolution.


So when all is said and done the American Patriot may once again be forced to fight a revolution that has morphed from a fight against an oppressive Monarchy in 1776 to a struggle against radical socialist despotism in the early 21st century. Although it can be said the country has been moving slowly toward socialism for almost a century, there always seemed to be a spirit and will in the American people to keep these tyrannical forces from taking over. But with ascendancy of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency, an activist judiciary, sycophantic press and a complicit legislative branch, the forces of radical socialism are moving at warp speed to once and for all destroy the middle class and the capitalist engine that has created our extraordinary wealth and power and substitute the failed ideology that has been a primary tool of tyrants –the false utopia of big government socialism.


Whether you want to call yourself a Patriot or true American Revolutionary to the Counter Revolution of the Radical socialists – the goal is the same: return the instrumentalities of government back to “We the People” and fight the forces of darkness and oppression; To build in firewalls and new mechanisms that will prevent the radicals from taking over our great birthright; To make sure that government once again remembers that they work for us – not the other way around.


So who are we fighting? Many of the elitists, advisors and surrogates surrounding Obama want to destroy the freedoms and rule of law given to America and the world by our original revolution and substitute their radical tyrannical utopian vision instead. The leaders of this movement like Alinsky himself are essentially quasi-gangster tacticians or counter culture revolutionaries with Law Degrees and PhDs. Ayers is nothing more than a retired terrorist with a PhD. Wright is essentially an anti-American, Anti-Semite preaching a religion of hate and justifying his warped world view by claiming victimhood – all the while hiding behind the cross of Christ. These are the voices that have had and still have great influence over Obama. And of course Alinsky’s community organizers and his rules for radicals are and have been Obama’s greatest influence.


Alinsky’s minions tell us that his rules are derived from many successful campaigns where he helped poor people fighting power and privilege. The fact that Alinsky trained with Al Capone’s gang to learn how to execute these campaigns somehow gets lost in the praise. For Alinsky, organizing is the process of highlighting what is wrong and convincing, or should we say, intimidating people until they can actually do something about it. According to Alinsky, the organizer must first overcome suspicion and establish credibility. Next the organizer must begin the task of agitating and searching out controversy. Alinsky might say, the first step in community organization is community disorganization. The recent agitating efforts started out with the attack on public figures like Bush 2, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and other prominent targets of opposition who pose the most threat to their movement. Now with the apparent successful healthcare takeover, slandering the Tea Party Movement, they are literally attacking average middle class Americans as well. This is a major miscalculation. In the 2010 and 2012 election cycles, the vast majority of radicals and their supporters will invariably be voted out of office, unless of course these socialist tyrants are able to somehow rig the elections. Heaven help us if they are successful in interfering with the democratic process in the coming elections for there will be hell to pay if that happens.

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  • With the 2010 election and the historic change in the House, I have come to the conclusion that I was only partially right. Although some of the radicals have been voted out of office, the hard core radicals – especially those on both coasts are very much still in power.  How a two term failed governor can actually get a third term when there was theoretically term limits in California boggles the mind! It will be interesting to see just how different results in the 2012 election will be.  I suspect that this will be a very long process and I am not optimistic that RINO establishment Republicans will be much help in repairing the damage of the Obama administration and the fiscally irresponsible policies of Bush 2. I am, however, more confident, that at least for the near future, the system is beginning to correct itself. Though imperfect, it will probably produce enough of a firewall to stave off a violent revolution – thought there is no doubt that even good peace loving American patriots can only take so much before we see outbursts.  After the tragedy in Arizona where the congresswoman was nearly assassinated and several were killed, it is indeed ironic that although the Left did everything they could to make the case for violence being influenced and caused by Right wing talk radio and Conservative commentators, the better argument is that this unbalanced waste of flesh who perpetrated this heinous act has more in common with anarchists on the left. We now know that in fact he read Marx and Hitler and did not listen to talk radio. I suspect that we will continue the slow path to Statism and Serfdom unless some of the fundamental changes I recommend in the book are implemented. Term limits, abolishing the 16th and 17th Amendment, the implementation of a "Fair" or "Flat" Tax only sounds radical to those among us who think that the only way to security and prosperity is through a large and powerful central government. I still believe America is on a road to serfdom – but (as the Beatles told us) it is a long and winding road indeed.

  • We now see a new type of class warfare in America:  The Public Sector Unions versus the Middle Class.  But when you look at it closer it really isn’t any different that another of Alinsky’s groups – the unions – attacking the Middle Class. As expected, teachers unions in Wisconsin did not take too kindly to the new Republican Governor’s demands to share in the burden of pensions and health care costs to offset the huge $3 Billion state deficit. Here is what Gov. Walker wants to change: Pensions. Require workers to pay 5.8% of pay up from none for most workers now. Health care. Make workers pay at least 12.5% of costs, more than double what they pay now. Union power. Limit unions' say on work rules. Stop deducting union dues from paychecks. For these very reasonable demands, we have the Governor being compared to Hitler and Mussolini – and these are the same people that say that Tea Party activists are extreme! I predict that this will all backfire. With about 10% documented national unemployment and perhaps close to 20% real unemployment/underemployment – the vast majority of those of us in the private sector are not buying into this worker’s struggle bull. The state run media will do their best to spin this, but once again the left has poked the sleeping giant – and there will be hell to pay for them at the ballot box in 2012.  Although political miracles and turnarounds have happened – I don’t see the Democrats recovering from this blunder.

  • Today there is more media attention given to a sex crazed drug addict actor than the Revolutions going on in the Middle East or with our public sector unions. On one hand, our testosterone challenged President prevaricates while Kadifi is using his air force to slaughter his citizens, and then we have State Senators – ironically, (given the origin of their party name), Democrats leaving the state to avoid having to vote and participate in the democratic process (and lose).

    Actually the debate is simple. Democrat Politicians get elected by Public sector union donations – particularly the NEA and other teachers unions. For these donations, the Unions are rewarded with ridiculously loaded salary, benefits and pension plans. The only problem is that the group that is paying for all of this – Taxpayers – are not represented at the bargaining table.

    The media and the Dems are masterfully doing their best to muddle the debate but somehow they are starting to lose this PR war.  They are starting to look a lot like this crazed actor Sheen.  Sheen’s drug induced megalomania has finally led to his unemployment from his multi-million dollar TV gig and the Chutzpa of the Wisconsin teacher’s Union to sue to get Viagra paid for in their already incredibly generous benefits package is making both Sheen and the Unions look like patients in the same insane asylum or drug rehab – take your pick! It is fair to say that both are highly over paid. Soon economic reality and whatever common sense is left in Politics and Hollywood will correct this insane imbalance.

  • Today the puppet leader of Afghanistan said that he would back Pakistan over America if he had to choose. For a month the "illiberal locusts of the left" have promoted a bogus movement labeled "Occupy Wall Street" and spewed their seed of anarchy and discontent throughout most major American cities and throughout the world.

    The Arab spring and these nasty protests will no doubt lead to an American winter of violence – designed to distract American voters from the failed economic policies of the Marxists and radical rabble rousers occupying Washington.

    To avoid the real violence, we can only pray that these radicals are slowed in the conquest to transform America. The rock throwing and violence we see in Greece will look like a frat party if the illiberal locusts of the left finally provoke patriots to react.

  • With less than two weeks to go in perhaps the most important election of this new millennium, a vast army of pollsters keep reminding us that only a handful of states will determine the outcome. They tell us now that after Romney’s impressive debate performance, the race is a tie. If Obama’s Chicago thugs steal this election and/or enough Americans in key states ignore the lies, the deception, the cover ups and the massive economic and international failures and hands over our sovereignty and few remaining freedoms to the radical Marxists, heaven help this Republic. Things will not go well for America. America may well be on a trajectory toward the next Great War from which it may never recover.


    The 2012 election is over. The forces of darkness have won and with the inevitable Amnesty of illegals soon to come, the country that we grew up in and love is lost, and those of us with a scintilla of foresight who are not in denial of what’s going on, are witnessing a slow motion train wreck. I do not expect anything, anyone or any movement to correct this situation any more than I expect a severely strung out drug addict to stop using until he crashes and burns. Then and only will he choose to either die or clean up his act. That is the analogy of what's going on in America today. When Atlas Shrugs, and the age of Obama and Rino GOP crashes and burns, it will be then on only then, that with the grace of God we can rebuild. I do not advocate any active rebellion at this point. It is doubtful that it will do any good until we finally hit rock bottom. The country will collapse under its own policies and unsustainable debts. At that point, I have faith that good American patriots will do what is necessary to resurrect us from the ashes. When this will happen is hard to say, it is just as hard as it to predict how long it takes for an addict to finally crash and burn. Some go quickly. Some take decades. But they all eventually self destruct. It’s not if, it’s just a matter of when.

  • The IRS scandal is not simply a Stalinist or Chicago Gangster tactic to intimidate political enemies; it is solid evidence that the Obama administration has indeed used the most punitive of the instruments of govt to suppress the vote of the opposition before the 2012 election. I laugh waiting for one talking head to actually make that connection. They are timid toads afraid to get ahead of themselves. After all just because the head of the IRS went to the White House 157 times (versus 1 for the last head of the IRS) – this does not mean that the White House actually ordered this targeting. Of course they did. It's what Chicago Thug politicians and Stalinists do. We have a 2012 election that is illegitimate. If a Rep President had targeted the NAACP or other minority organizations before the Presidential election, there would be such an outrage, not only would there be a call for impeachment, they would not hesitate to call this Jim Crow – equivalent to the poll tax – and election itself illegitimate. (By the way, the IRS did in fact force donors to conservative groups to pay a GIFT tax…quacks almost like a poll tax to me.) But even talk radio pundits and Foxy News don’t have the nerve to connect the dots. As Cruz and others with an understanding just how evil the #1 plank in the Communist Manifesto is – the Progressive Income TAX – as they have said, it is way past time to abolish the IRS, and institute a fair or flat tax. If the party of stupid would grow a pair, they would help push this by threatening to use the IRS when they get power. Although with this group of hacks and wimps in the GOP it could be a real long time.

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